Hosting a successful on-line event, developing a high quality environment, structuring a program or even ensuring a singe video meeting is trouble free takes know-how. Making sure your materials are top notch takes a certain amount of skill. And ensuring everyone is comfortable and knows what to do can require some support.
From a single important meeting, a week long on-line event, to an always open virtual campus we can guide you on the right technology choices. Telepresent can show you how to set up and run the event, effect the right level of security, and discuss a whole host of tasks that may need to be undertaken from initial registration to post event reporting.
Telepresent offer a range of design and support services. We can do as much or as little as you need us to. Our entire focus is on making you look good, and ensuring everyone concerned enjoys a high quality experience that impresses.
PRESENTATION & GRAPHICS  Telepresent can help develop your presentation and run it on your behalf while you concentrate on wowing your audience REGISTRATION & MATERIALS  Whether a small meeting or a large online event we can provide the right registration and delegate tools to meet your objectives SECURITY & PROTECTION  No one wants uninvited guests, and that often includes your on-line events. Make sure your security is up to scratch REPORTS & FOLLOW UPS  A full report and breakdown of your event along with any materials and data gathered PRODUCTION & EDITING  Video content for your event or presentation. Videos of your event edited to your specification VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS  Full design and deployment of virtual environments for work, meetings or events VR & HOLOGRAPHICS  VR Telepresence, Holographic Projection & Holoportation for more specialised requirements


Which platform and technology is best suited depends on your event and audience. We can guide you through the choices available
Please do get in touch to discuss your ideas. We love showing people what is possible, but are also sensitive to the nature and technology level of your attendees. Sometimes simpler is better, but simple does not have to mean boring!
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