Telepresent specialise in shared spaces that foster engagement, networking, and a sense of community. They provide outstanding tools to deliver classes, lectures and whole curricula. Being telepresent can really keep your attention focused, enhance learning , improve retention, and make attending more fun!
The cost of VR headsets however continues to fall sharply, and the choice of VR educational experiences has snowballed. Many are provided for free, or with a low cost of entry for educational use. It is far cheaper now to develop bespoke tasks and shared environments, meaning VR is very much a viable and indeed valuable option for almost all educational institutions.
Virtual education platforms have come a long way in recent years. Auditoriums and classrooms have a full range of AV and presentation facilities which can deliver truly impressive results. Spending time in the environments becomes second nature, you very much feel that you are there. A VR headset is not needed to access and engage with many of environments. Our virtual campus, is accessible on a normal computer as well as a VR headset.
Telepresence enables a sense of shared place and experience, it allows far more personal freedom than video conferencing or webinars. You can go where you want to, talk to who you want to, and attend what you want to. You can hang out ‘between the buildings’ and just chat and catch up. That freedom lets people relax and enjoy the experience far more, which in turn makes them happier and more productive.
Gather people by interest or subject as you would on a real world campus. The number of potential spaces is huge, so having a Physics building is entirely workable, it focuses minds, gives a sense of a shared group place, and colours the conversation. Faculty can meet students in their private office, or in a shared area, or see them at lectures or other study sessions. Materials can be easily publicised and shared.
Group tasks and challenges can be visualised and experienced together. Examination or assessment tasks can be empowered beyond the submission of papers. Visit our Virtual Campus today to find out more. Interested in other Telepresent technologies? Please do contact us to discuss what you need to achieve.
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