If you really want to stand out from the crowd then create an unforgettable experience for your attendees, blow your sponsors socks off, wow your exhibitors and deliver something that gets amazing results. People watching webinars can get distracted, however when there talking with people, or part of a live audience of peers, your attendees attention is rather more assured.
Presenters / lecturers can see their audience Outstanding presentation tools available Appear by sharing your camera or not, as you prefer Put up your hand and ask a question Easily empower a panel of speakers (they are there) Invite attendees to engage and participate Enable breakouts and group tasks Invite people to a networking or social event afterwards Make it an enjoyable experience!
Create an amazing experience for attendees Provide real value to sponsors & exhibitors Combine trade shows, conference streams & socials Enable real networking experiences, not ‘speed dating’, random breakout rooms or primed one-on-ones Allow delegates & attendees to choose where they go and who they talk to Deliver outstanding audio-visual experiences that people will remember! Have some fun… it improves results!
Let your audience mingle and chat before and after a presentation. Choose where they sit. Look for someone they know is attending and join them at their table. On of the biggest issues we hear is that people are becoming tired of being ‘put in a box’… so don’t do that. Let them move freely. Let people decide who they want to talk to and augment that opportunity rather than try to engineer or control it.
If this all seems a bit science fiction, it’s really not. If it sounds expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Talk to us about your next event and let us present some options that we promise will boldly go… …Beyond the webinar!
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