Hosting a video conference and also taking part can be a bit of a juggling act. Having your meeting or event hosted by Telepresent allows you to concentrate on proceedings free from distractions. You will be less stressed, your attendees will be well supported, and the whole experience will project an air of competence and professionalism.
Initial planning Event Security Attendee Registration Systems & Licences Graphics Video Services Presentations Professional Hosts Technical Support Post event reporting & analytics …we can do as much or as little as you need to ensure your event is a real success. Telepresent operate behind the scenes to make your organisation look good!
We handle all major video conferencing platforms, and are trusted to provide secure on-line facilities for some of the UK’s most respected organisations. All our staff are carefully vetted and our absolute discretion is assured!
So for your next important meeting or group event, why not relax and let Telepresent handle all the technical stuff so you can concentrate on the business at hand. Drop us a line for some free advice on how to make your next event impress! …and if you need a hand upgrading your facilities, we can help with that too.
We handle the technology so you can concentrate on the conversation
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