In shared work environments you can see who’s about, pop in for an impromptu chat, invite people for a meeting on the fly, work together on an idea and generally engage with your colleagues as if you were in the office. People feel included, less isolated, and teamwork is a real-time thing again.
Several excellent shared work environments See who’s around and available right now Drop in for an impromptu chat / meeting Gather team-mates in real-time Feel part of the team when all working together Invite clients or colleagues to your offices Participate in interactive training together Mix video, VR & AV for amazing experiences that really improve output and retention
Video calls are good, but virtual working is better if you want to get a real sense of being part of a team. You can see who’s in the office and whether they are available to talk. You can have impromptu social chats or quick catch- ups on a project. Ask the boss a question in-person without scheduling a video call.
You can also choose to be visible on video or not. In VirBELA for example we have had many meetings where video was simply not necessary. That can take some of the pressure out of ‘always being on camera’ and help people relax and focus on the task at hand.
Access better facilities than you have in your physical office. With full multi-screen AV & video share capability you can actually give much better presentations on-line.
Successfully involve people and collaborate interactively on assignments together beyond ‘pushing tasks’ with project management software or video conference white boards. Encourage teamwork and enable people to juts talk to each other without having to schedule a meeting.
Contact us to discuss how virtual work spaces can empower your team. It may seem a little odd… but like not having to travel 200 miles for a meeting, it’s catching on. Plus it’s a bit more fun than endless video calls, and that’s a good thing!
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